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The first time I visited Amsterdam, I was happy to note that most people there speak English (less so in the outlying areas). It is very easy to get around in Amsterdam. Public transport is excellent. There is a train station in the airport with connections to the local trams.

A popular way of getting around in Holland is by bike. There are special bike lanes and even bike lots at public places. Canals run through many areas, therefore a boat tour of the canals is a great way to get to know Amsterdam. In the springtime you can often spot nests with ducks sitting on their eggs.

Holland is famous for their tulips, Gouda cheese, windmills and clogs. All these specialties can be seen in museums or areas that preserve the Dutch history. In the industrial areas of Amsterdam there are new modern buildings with interesting designs and twists to them.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city to visit with both history and contemporary life merging together.

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