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The Food Aspect. The Cooking…Chol Hamoed Pesach

With all the preparation and hard work getting ready for Pesach I find Chol Hamoed a time that many families like to go away overnight (or more if possible). In addition, many families have limited time when everyone is off from school and work at the same time. When it comes to Chol Hamoed most families are able to coordinate their schedules.

Being that on Pesach there aren’t Kosher restaurants open and many people only eat home cooked food, this can be a challenge for those travelers who aren’t used to bringing all the food along on their trips. Over the years I’ve had many people reach out to me asking for advice on how to travel with food and some good ideas of what to bring with.

An aside note: when I plan on cooking or heating up food on a trip I try to stay in a place with some sort of kitchen facilities so that I have some sort of fridge and freezer (preferably a full size one). Many hotels do not allow plugging in appliances due to their fire codes.

Here are some of the small appliances and helpful equipment I like to take with me on such trips. I don’t bring all of the equipment for each trip-a lot depends on the menu and the amount of people we are. It may still be possible to get the stuff from Amazon before Chol Hamoed. If these exact products don’t work for you there are so many other options to chose from.

Pizza Maker

The Pizza Maker is my all time favorite travel cooking tool. What makes it so great you ask? The pizza maker has the ability to bake/grill food and it can be used as a nonstick frying pan. It can be used to bake fish, bake/grill chicken, fry eggs and so much more. I also use it to heat up frozen foods in silver foil.

The Betty Crocker is the most popular brand of the Pizza Makers. Although I am just as satisfied with the Courant brand as well. I like the Courant Brand because they make a black pizza maker so I have the red Betty Crocker for Meat and the Black Courant for Dairy.

The Courant also makes a model (in both red and black) that has adjustable temperatures. The cooking does not need to be done on the same temperature.

Single Burner:

For scrambled eggs or cooking something in a pot I sometimes will bring a single burner and a frying pan or pot. It is inexpensive and small and clean to transport.

Croc Pot:

The Croc Pot is great for cooking when away. I just throw in some meat and potatoes in the morning and when we return back after a long day out we have a delicious hot meal waiting.  There are so many sizes, shapes and brands of croc pots to choose from:

The travel bag helps transport the pot in a safe and easy way:

Double Slow Cooker:

This is my all-time favorite appliance for Shabbos getaways. On one side I heat up the soup and in the other pot I cook the cholent. Any other things I put on top to keep warm:


A griddle can be used both for cooking (think scrambled eggs, chicken cutlets), heating up food and as a hot plate on Shabbos.

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