Coolers for Travelling

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My favorite types of coolers and when I use them

Since I usually travel with food I have a collection of different types of coolers for different occasions and types of trips. Here are some coolers on Amazon with descriptions of what type of occasions or trips I use them for. I do not necessarily have the brands below but I looked for similar styles.

Extra Large Cooler on Wheels

This style cooler is what I use when I take with lots of food and drive to my destination. It has room for lots of food. The handle and wheels make it easier to transport. The hard shell help that the food should not get banged up or leak. There is also a drainage hole for any accumulated liquid inside. This is also great for taking food along when in a hotel without a large fridge. This can hold both food and ice to keep it cold.

Insulated Food Delivery Bag

This foldable bag can be used for air travel. It is also lighter than a hard cooler.I put in solidly frozen foods. I use straps around it to aid with carrying and for extra closure.

Luggage Straps:

For Extra closure

Carry On Cooler:

I’ve used such a cary on size cooler for picnics or if I want food for that day handy and not packed into my extra large cooler.

I’ve also used it as carry on luggage with solid foods when travelling by air (liquids can be confiscated).

Cooler Backpack:

A cooler backpack is great for taking along food for a day trip.

Water Bottle Carrier Pouch:

A water bottle carrier pouch is a great way to transport drinks and keep it cold.

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