Kakiat Park:
Montebello, NY

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Kakiat Mountain, just at the edge of the Monsey area is a popular 376 acre park with hiking paths and the Mahwah River at the bottom. The Kakiat Trail stretches into Harriman State Park and meets up with the Suffern Bear Mountain Trail.  The Kakiat Trail is an uphill trail, not too long or too difficult. It starts straight ahead of the footbridge which crosses the Mahwah River right at the pathway entrance. Down at the entrance of the park near the river is a picnic table. A large grassy field with a picnic pavilion.

Over ten years ago I started the hike up Kakiat Trail for the first time. While on the trail we met up with a snake, which seems to be a common sight at the park. There are a few species of snakes spotted there, but if they do not feel threatened they generally do not bother people. We were a bit shaken when we spotted the snake hissing. It was a hot day when we visited so we continued a little while longer and turned around when we had enough. What we were unaware of was the view we were missing out on just a little bit higher up.

Last spring I decided to check out Kakiat Park again. I heard from so many people how much they enjoy hiking there. This time we made sure to continue the hike until we made it to a clearing on large rocks with a magnificent view of the area and the NYC skyline. There was some rock scrambling before getting to the clearing but it was definitely worth it. We had toddlers with us and they were able to do the hike with help of the adults. The Kakiat Trail does continue higher up but we were advised that the nicest view is at the fist clearing.

After enjoying a picnic lunch we headed down back toward the Mahwah River and over the footbridge to the parking lot. We noticed some people looking at something at the side of the path right near the Trailhead. When we cam closer someone pointed out a snake on a rock sunning near the path. It was the perfect time to spot the fascinating snake because we were leaving the park just then and it wasn’t on the wide paved path but near it.

Posted: June 20, 2022

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668 Haverstraw Road

Montebello, NY 10901



Price: Free

Approximate Distance from:   

Brooklyn Bridge: 1 hour

Lakewood: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Monsey: 15 minutes

Website: http://rocklandgov.com/departments/environmental-resources/county-parks-and-dog-runs/kakiat-park/

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