Legoland Discovery Center:
American Dream East Rutherford, NJ

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LEGOLAND Admission or LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Interactive is the one word that most describes Legoland Discovery Center in the American Dream Mall. Every Lego exhibit and Station has something for visitors to do not just to see.

The Imagination Express ride takes visitors on a train ride. Every rider is given a magic wand with zapping power and every rider competes to see who gets the most targets and points.

I absolutely loved Miniland, a series of models of New York City and New Jersey landmarks made of more than 1.5 million lego bricks! Even this was interactive. Take on the challenge to find Minifigures hiding in Miniland. There are also stations with buttons that can be pressed to activate some parts of the model such as activating and amusement park ride or activating a construction worker to start drilling a hole in the concrete. I laughed heartily when I saw some of the names given to some of the famous places such as the “GetLife Stadium” instead of the MetLife Stadium. There was a billboard at the stadium advertising “Burpie” instead of Pepsi. Every little while it got dark in Miniland and all the lights in the city twinkled as in real life.

There are Lego figures and a large car displayed throughout Legoland. There are many major lego scenes professionally made that anyone can add their own creations to. It is a common site to see adults building with the Legos and enjoying just as much, if not more, than the children. The Creative Workshop offers instructions on how to  use your imagination and create Lego stuff through a Master Model Builder. In one area I watched some boys with their father work on putting together a Lego car which later could be used on the race track. An area with a small slide and a wall area made of a Lego board can be enjoyed by the very young children. The Lego Ninjago Softplay can   be enjoyed by both older and younger children (Socks are required.)

The 4D Lego Cinema kept us entertained with a movie that we felt like we were a part of when we wore the special glasses we were provided with. When the wind blew or when it rained we needed to remind ourselves that we weren’t actually in the movie.

Legoland is owned by the same company as SEA Life and is located right next door. Discounted combination tickets can be purchased for visiting both attractions.


Posted: September 9, 2021

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Court A

1 American Dream Way, Suite A

East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Phone Number:



Check online for the current hours:


starting at $28.99

Approximate Distance from:   

Brooklyn Bridge: 25 minutes

Lakewood: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Monsey: 35 minutes


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