Manitou Mineral Springs:
Manitou Springs, Co

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We were running late, and therefore were about to leave the Colorado Springs area after visiting some of the main sites. Even so, I felt I needed to make a quick stop to check out the Manitou Mineral Springs, in the cute town of Manitou Springs l. We only got to see and taste the water of one of the springs (Cheyenne Springs) but I was glad we got to taste that at least. I heard about the springs, I heard that each one has a different taste and that there are healing powers within the water. I also heard that the water tastes like seltzer. I couldn’t fathom it until I tasted it myself. It really does taste like seltzer!

The water is actually said to be rain water and snow that melts from the surrounding mountains. The water is soaked into the rock fractures deeply. It gets heated and mineralized. It gets carbonated in the limestone. Since the water is underground for very long amounts of time it is extremely clean and free of contamination.

Each of the 8 mineral springs has some sort of pretty structure or statue that has the water coming out of it on a constant basis. When you visit, make sure you have empty bottles to fill in order to take the unusual water with you. If I do get back to the Colorado Springs area I would definitely like to visit and taste the water from the other 7 springs.

Posted: September 30, 2020

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Map of where the Mineral Springs are located:

You can pick up a copy at:

Manitou Springs Visitor Center
354 Manitou Avenue




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