Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period:
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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The 1,000 square meter  Model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period was originally outside the Holy Land Hotel and now is an exhibit in the Israel Museum. It moved to its new home in 2006. It was broken down into 100 parts and then reconstructed at the museum.

The model reflects the social, economic and political aspects of life during the time of the Second Temple, and of course, the model of the majestic Temple itself. The model replicated the city during 66CE, during the Great Revolt of the Jews against the romans, just five short years before it was destroyed.

Professor Avi-Yonah is the genius behind this model. He is a leading scholar specializing in ancient Jerusalem. He based his reconstruction on descriptions from the Mishnah, and the writings of the contemporary historian Flavius Josephus. He also relied on archaeological finds from Jerusalem and from other Roman cities. The Model City is rich with Jewish History.

When I visited, I went specifically for the model city. I did not visit the rest of the museum since I did not have time. The famous Dead Sea Scrolls are displayed in the Museum as well.

Disclaimer: Find out the current security information before travelling anywhere in Israel.

Posted: September 18, 2017

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