MYS Events-Mid Winter Getaway
The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark
Monticello, NY

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MYS Events did it again! The guests from young to old – myself included – were blown away by the mid-winter retreat at the Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark.

The accommodations at the beautiful new modern Kartrite Hotel (opened in 2019) with the largest indoor waterpark in New York set the stage for MYS to offer a hit of an extended mid-winter weekend.

The food, catered by Boosur Catering, included five-star gourmet meals and there were multiple activities and shows throughout each day to keep the guests busy and entertained throughout.

Guests were able to choose either to stay the four nights from Thursday to Monday or for three of the nights. The hotel was rented out exclusively to MYS Events and only guests at the hotel were able to use the amenities.

MYS Events offered separate waterpark hours for men and women on each of the days. On Thursday, Friday, Motzei Shabbos, Sunday and Monday. There are a lot of interesting slides at the waterpark including the amazing Nor’easter, a Lazy River, Flowrider and the indoor/outdoor Affinity Springs are just some of the many fun activities at the waterpark. The waterpark entrance was included in the price of the stay.

In addition to the waterpark there were a variety of activities for children and even adults such as canvas painting, glow dancing, sand art, scratch art, journal decorating, and a photo booth with pictures for everyone to take home as a memento. Each of the shows; acrobatics show, bird show, game show and science show kept the audiences enthralled and on their toes.

Boosur took the event to the next level. The abundance of gourmet food served throughout our stay left everyone amazed at how the caterer was able to come up with new ideas for food and enough to serve the large crowd of guests.

The Kartrite also has indoor attractions on site (for a fee). There are many arcades, climbing walls, an indoor ropes course, laser tag, mini bowling virtual reality with enough activities to make a trip in the hotel itself.

It was hard to leave after such an enjoyable weekend. We (and many other guests) are waiting anxiously to hear what the next event MYS has planned. One thing is for sure, we definitely want to join.

Date Posted: February 14, 2022
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