Road Trip Activities

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I used to dread the car rides when on the way to or on vacation. The fighting, arguing and “when will we get there?” between the kids in the back seats was unbearable. I started doing my research to find a variety of car friendly activities to keep the kids busy. It worked. The car rides were more peaceful and even fun. Here are some of the stuff that were a hit for us:

Car DVD player

If your car does not have a dvd player, there are many options of dvd players that work well in cars and are not extremely pricey. There are even dvd players  that can be hooked onto the front seats so that the back seat occupants can see what is playing:

Lap Trays

Portable lap trays offer a surface to play games, store activities and a comfortable place to eat on.

Travel Bingo:

This game of travel bingo was an all time family favorite. All ages are able to play  and there aren’t any markers or small pieces needed. The sliding windows make the game mess free. This is a travel staple in our family:

Scavenger Hunt Car Game:

This card Scavenger Hunt game is specifically made for travel:

Etch a sketch:

Etch a sketch is a great activity for younger children:

Reusable Stickers:

A great imaginative way to keep busy:

All types of activity books are available:

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