Sabbaday Falls:
Campton, NH

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It is a shame to be in the White Mountains area in New Hampshire without a visit to Sabbady Falls. The Sabaddy Falls parking lot is located right on the beautiful scenic Kancamagus Highway. The path from the parking lot to the falls takes approximately 15 minutes to walk. The smooth dirt path alongside the babbling brook is easy to maneuver even with a stroller. At the falls itself there are porches going up and near the waterfalls. We parked our stroller at the entrance to the porches and walked with our little one on the steps. The waterfall was especially full and powerful due to the abundance of rain.

A path leads from the a pool below to the porches right alongside the waterfall. We got to see the waterfall and rocks from up close. The porches then led to the top of the main cascade and over to the other side of the waterfall with signs posted explaining the geology. Although swimming is not allowed at Sabbady Falls it is so worth a visit to see the magnificent and natural waterfall.

Posted: November 30,  2021

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Kancamagus Hwy

Campton, NH 03223

Located 15 miles west of Conway on the Kancamagus Hwy.

Price: Free

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