Sport Thoma Bike Rental:
Lincoln, NH

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Our biking trip definitely ranked among our favorite activities during our stay in New Hampshire.

We rented bikes at the Sport Thoma store in Lincoln. When we arrived, both adults and kids were fitted with bikes and helmets by the friendly and professional staff. We also rented a trailer to take a toddler in. As soon as we each had a bike and helmet we were comfortable with our bikes were loaded onto the trailer to be driven to our drop-off point. I must mention the bikes we got had seats with springs that were well padded and did not leave us sore from sitting for long stretches as many bikes tend to do.

The driver of the shuttle gave us clear directions, shared some of the area’s history and pointed out some landmarks along the way. We were then dropped off with our bikes at the base of Cannon Mountain. The shuttle driver made sure we were comfortable on our bikes and left us with our map to enjoy a leisurely ride back to the Sport Thoma store.  We needed to be back in time for closing but otherwise we were able to stop at many beautiful sites along the way. We were actually encouraged by the Sport Thoma staff to take our time and enjoy the views and beautiful areas we were passing through. The views were breathtaking and the best part is that the trip is 90% downhill. The few small areas which were uphill but they were short enough to walk the bike if need be.

We entered the biking path going through Franconia Notch State Park. At the beginning of the trip we were offered beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. We stopped at Profile Lake and enjoyed lunch before continuing on our way to the wooded area with babbling brooks and streams. The Basin was another stop we enjoyed immensely. The waterfall was magnificent and we returned the next day to spend more time walking around there.

With six locations of sports stores in New Hampshire and one in Maine, Sport Thoma is the destination for buying or renting skis, bikes and boats. Each location offers different options of some or all of the above-mentioned sports.

Posted: December 1,  2021

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  1. simcha rosenbaum

    can a six year old fit in the trailer?

    • Sarah Einhorn

      I would suggest you call them and ask. I think six year old would sit on seat in the back

  2. Reverse dial lookup

    You’ve tackled a difficult topic and made it simple to understand. Bravo!


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