Tel Dan Reserve:
Dan, Golan

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All the way up north, just before the H​ermon Mountains, is a beautiful 120 acre nature reserve with gorgeous trails leading through a dense forest, streams and the Chatzbani River. Entering Tel Dan is like stepping into a wonderland: scores of bubbling brooks feed into a running river, with tall trees all around. There are also plenty of unique plants and animals. The ground is always shady and refreshingly cool, even during a hot summer day. It is no wonder that in ancient times people chose the small hill above the springs to make their homes. There are not many places that I visit more than once unless they are​local. But I just loved Tel Dan so​I returned the next time I was nearby.

The Dan River is the largest and most important source of water feeding the Jordan River. Its springs are

​its​ source and the temperature of the water is low and stable. The springs provide up to 238 million cubic meters of water annually. The springs are fed by the snow and rain that falls on Mount Hermon. The water seeps into the mountain and divides into hundreds of springs by the time it reaches the foot. Together these springs form the largest karstic spring in the Middle East.

On the upper part of the Dan Reserve is the remains of the site where the tribe of Dan once lived. Extensive archaeological digs in the area have uncovered much of this ancient city.

There is an ancient non-operational flour mill at one point alongside the walking path. Visitors love playing at the Pooh Bear Tree with its hollow trunk. Wading is allowed in sections of the Reserve, so​ i​t is advisable to bring water shoes to be able to enjoy the cool refreshing water. Parts of Tel Dan are handicapped and stroller accessible. However if you have a baby, it is best to bring along ​a baby carrier to be able to really enjoy the place.

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Posted: September 9, 2017

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Along Road 99 (Kiryat Shmona – Mas’adeh)

About 11 km east of the Metsudot junction. Near Kibbutz Dan.

Phone Number:



Check online for the current hours

Average time spent at this location: 1 1/2 hours


Check online for the current prices

Approximate Distance from:   

Meron: 50 minutes

Safed: 50 minutes

Tiberias: 1 hour


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