The Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves:
North Woodstock, NH

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The Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves is one of the natural gems in the White Mountains Region of New Hampshire. All natural, the one mile wooden boardwalk trail that winds through the Lost River and Boulder Caves was made in a way that flows with and does not disturb nature. At one point there are even holes cut into the boardwalk for the trees trunks so that the trees were not cut down but continued growing. There are many steps, 1,000 in total, (we lost count at 500 something) take visitors up, down or through the Lost River, the beautiful waterfalls and the eleven exciting glacial caves.

We enjoyed the meandering river and the many waterfalls, most notably the large Paradise Falls with a bridge crossing over the top. The Boulder Caves were definitely a favorite for my kids. Squeezing through and under the many caves was thrilling. The Lemon Squeezer was the all time favorite for those small or skinny enough to fit through. If you do not want to go into the caves there are bypasses throughout. The Lost River Gorge can be enjoyed on many level even without going through the caves.

There are some exciting elements to be enjoyed on the way such as a large suspension bridge. A humongous birds nest suspended over the forest. A few humans can fit in there at once to enjoy the views. A wooden gazebo-like bear hut and a large bench high up with the base formed as a ladder.

Although it is suggested to count on spending two hours exploring the Gorge, we found we spent even more time since we wanted to check out all the different caves. As they like to say at the Lost River Gorge: You’ll see “Gorge-ous” natural beauty.

Posted: November 29,  2021

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1712 Lost River Road

North Woodstock, NH 03262

Phone Number:



Hours: Open from May-September. Check online for hours.


Ages 4+: $22.00 when booking online in advance
Ages 4+: $25.00 to walk in on-site, subject to availability
Ages 3, 2, & 1: FREE

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