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It was fascinating to see how the adults were enjoying Thrillz as much, and sometimes even more, than the children (48 inches tall is the minimum height). Thrillz does not just have a regular obstacle course. The course is designed with such genius that it is hard to tear yourself away from the obstacles. We found ourselves trying again and again either to try and master the obstacles or just to enjoy it again.

The Obstacle Course is included in the Fly Time ticketsThe obstacles don’t stay the same. There are always new ones added and obstacles changed to keep it exciting. The Obstacles are both exciting, challenging and vary in level to accommodate all levels of ability.

There is the Sky Tunnel, Monkey Bars, Swinging Ropes, Slackline, Flying Saucers, The Sweeper and Rolling Log, Trapeze Hoops and Tarzan Ropes for the very skilled, and a new jousting obstacle coming soon. Each obstacle is unique and you just have to visit to see what each one offers. Part of what makes Thrillz so much fun is that the Obstacles are elevated and all along you try your best not to lose footing. If you do, no worries, all the obstacles have airbags below to catch you if you fall.

The 3D Rock Climbing Walls offer a variety of exciting themed walls to climb. One wall is designed as a Lego wall while another is designed as a tree or a wall with tires on it.

There are also activities that do not require agility and special skills. The Super Slides are slides that end mid-air and you fall onto an airbag. The three 70 foot unharnessed zip lines allow you to sail over the pinball themed airbag and see who can jump and score the most points when landing. There is also the Free Jump area where you can jump onto a giant airbag from above and experience the thrilling sensation of a freefall.

Thrillz also has additional activities and many arcade games. There is a Virtual Reality Roller Coaster, Axe Throwing, Laser Tag as well as a café with lots of seating.

Thrillz has a trampoline park Jumpz (formerly Bounce) next door. It can be accessed from within the building. Often families will go with the younger children to Jumpz (although it is suited for all ages not just little children) when the older ones are at Thrillz. If you purchase play time at either Thrillz or Jumpz, tickets to the other location is 50% off that day. They will be adding an option of combination tickets in the near future.

Thrillz takes cleanliness and safety very seriously. The staff is friendly and professional. They help make your experience at Thrillz an experience you won’t forget too soon.

Posted: March 19, 2020

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5 Prindle Lane

Danbury, CT 06811

Phone Number:

(203) 942-2449

Price and Hours: Please check the website for the current prices and hours

Approximate Distance from:   

Brooklyn Bridge: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Lakewood: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Monsey: 1 hour


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