Umschlagplatz Monument:
Warsaw, Poland

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The Umschlagplatz, the area in Warsaw where the Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto were gathered in order to be deported to Treblinka Concentration Camp has a unique monument.

The memorial has a unusual design. The outside wall just has a black strip going across the upper third of the white marble looking wall with the word “Umschlagplatz” engraved. Above the entrance is a headstone style black plaque that has broken trees symbolizing a cut forest-the Jews who were cut down in their prime.

The inner wall is divided in half. Instead of writing all the victims’ names there are 400 Jewish and Polish names, both male and female, are engraved on the wall showing how every possible name was included in the transports.

A side wall on the building next door contains an inscription in Hebrew, Yiddish and Polish memorializing the victims. It states: “From this place, in 1942 and 1943, mass murdering Nazis transported hundreds of thousands of Jews to the death camps. Hail to the memory of Jewish martyrs and fighters.


Posted: January 4, 2020

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