Wax ‘N Wix:
Lake George, NY

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Wax ‘n Wix is a candle making studio and specialty shop right near Lake George. From young children to adults, everyone can enjoy the candle making experience on their own level.

When visiting recently, I had to marvel at the variety of shapes and colors of the candles displayed.  Laura Ferris, the owner, explained to us how to follow some simple steps to make our very own candles.

To begin, we each chose a shape and size candle from the samples on display.

The next step was to choose the color wax for the candle. There are bins containing blocks of wax in a plethora of colors. A candle could be made of just one color or layered with many different colors.

There are also numerous scents available to give your candle the unique aroma you select. Once we selected the shape of our candle, the colors we wanted to use, and the scent we were ready to start the process. There is also an option of making the candle into a  havdallah candle with two wicks. All the wax is homemade by Laura.

Laura demonstrated how to cut the wax into small pieces. After chopping and chopping the wax squares into small bits with a putty knife we filled the mold with the wax pieces.

Once we were done we transferred our mold to Laura who poured transparent liquid wax to fill in the spaces between the wax pieces and to make the candle into one solid form. At this point Laura also added the scent we chose.

The liquid wax is extremely hot so Laura then placed the candle into a tub of cold water to help cool it.  The Candle takes anywhere from an hour to a day to dry fully depending on its size.

Wax ‘N Wix is open year round. In the summer you can just walk in any day and choose a candle to create. During the rest of the year, the store is open all day on weekends and by appointment only on weekdays.


Posted: August 3, 2017

Information, prices and hours posted here are current as of the posted or updated date. It is advisable to call ahead or check online to confirm hours and prices.


38 Montcalm St,

Lake George, NY 12845

Phone Number:

(518) 668-5988

Summer Hours: 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Price: between $5-$30 depending on the size.

Approximate Distance from:

Brooklyn Bridge: 4 hours

Lakewood: 5 hours

Monsey: 3 hour, 10 minutes

Website: http://www.waxnwix.biz

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