Been There Done That Trips

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with outings

Legend has it that when I was a baby, the way to get me to sleep was by strapping me into my car seat and driving around the block. Since then, my obsession with trips of all types has grown exponentially with my main focus on new places.
The world is so big and there is so much to see! Photography is a hobby of mine. Over the years I have had numerous photo articles printed in various publications with recommendations of places to visit based on my travels. During vacation seasons and Chol Hamoed people constantly contact me searching for ideas of where to go and what to see.
I love seeing new places and I love sharing my impressions! Most of all I want to present you with first-hand experiences and first-hand pictures, rather than just some research done on the web that anyone can do on their own.

Come along and Enjoy!

Sarah Einhorn