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I visited Prague during an extended stopover on the way to Israel. At that time, the airline provided us with a hotel stay, so I am therefore unfamiliar with the best way to get from the airport into town. What I do know is that many people at the hotel hired a tour guide to take them to the Jewish area with the ancient cemetery and synagogues. I had done some prior research and was thereby learned that all the synagogues are quite near each other.

I asked the woman at the front desk in the hotel for directions of how to get to the Jewish area. She directed us to take a bus and then a train. The escalator down to the train was about 7 stories long, not split. That was an experience in it of itself.

The transportation costs were just a couple of dollars. At the first synagogue we entered we paid for entrance to all of them (they have a student price if you have a valid student visa). We followed the map they supplied us with and visited all the synagogues which were, as we were told right near each other.

After visiting the Jewish sights we strolled through the Old Town Square. The old buildings, sculptures, and the big grandfather clock were definitely intriguing. We then continued toward the river and the Charles Bridge. There were beautiful views of the Prague Castle, although we did not have time to actually visit it.

Posted: January 2, 2018

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