Assateague Island National Seashore:
Berlin, MD

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Assateague Island was the place I was most excited to visit during our visit to Ocean City, MD. Assateague Island is 37 miles long and is just below Ocean City on the tip of Maryland. It is partially in the state of Virginia. Part of the Maryland portion is owned by the State and is a State Park while part is a National Park. It is most famous for the wild horses that roam on the beaches there.

We found it fascinating to see the wild horses actually doing their own thing including fighting in the middle of the road just inches from cars. We did not get to see horses walking along the pristine beaches like the pictures I saw online, but we did get to see horses at the Bayside. They were playing and eating, it was an amazing site to see (there are signs posted to stay 40 feet away since they aren’t trained after all). We watched an amusing scene when a horse blocked the door of the bathroom while someone was in there. Later while the horses were grazing behind the bathroom building someone turned on the outdoor water pump to wash his hands. The horse suddenly came galloping over as soon as the water was on. Everyone else quickly moved away while the horses drank and drank. I guess tap water is better than the salty ocean water.

The Island is not only about the horses. There are beautiful swimming beaches, bird watching areas, nature areas. There are even options of bringing a tent to stay overnight. The National Park area has regular National Park fees, the State Park has a minimal fee of about $5. When we visited we went to the National Park. I do not know how each section of the Island compares to the other area since we only visited the National Park. I had difficulty leaving when it was time to go. I loved the natural beauty and the ponies were an added bonus.

Posted: January 2, 2021

Information, prices and hours posted here are current as of the posted or updated date. It is advisable to call ahead or check online to confirm hours and prices.                


7206 National Seashore Lane

Berlin, MD 21811

Phone Number:


Approximate Distance from:   

Brooklyn Bridge: 4 hours, 5 minutes

Lakewood: 3 hours, 40 minutes

Monsey: 4 hours, 25 minutes


Open 24 Hours

The Visitor’s Center is currently closed due to Covid19


Foot/Bicycle: No Fee

Vehicle: $25.00 – 7 Days

Vehicle: $45.00 – Park Annual Pass, valid 1 year from purchase

Motorcycle: $20.00 – 7 Days

Individual: $15.00 – 7 Days (per person 16 years of age or older when entering by means other than a private, non-commercial vehicle, such as taxis and limousines providing transportation only; buses carrying passengers not on a pre-packaged tour such as school groups visiting for recreational purposes; and buses or vans registered to non-profit organizations such as churches or schools. A family traveling together shall pay no more than the vehicle fee.)


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