Beaver Pond:
North Woodstock, NH

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As we were driving from Lincoln to Bath, New Hampshire we passed a parking lot on Route 12. We decided to pull in and check the place out. We pulled up to a magnificent lake framed by rising mountains. There was one picnic table near the entrance right by the water. The view of the lake mirroring the surrounding mountains was breathtaking.

When we visited, there was a dog swimming in the water to cool off and men were fishing off to the side of the lake.

On the right side, the lake spills over and turns into a waterfall of sorts. The water travels over the many rocks and makes it’s way down turning into a wide brook.  When we visited there was a woman reading while stretched out on the rocks enjoying the sun and the water rushing down nearby.


Posted: November 25,  2021

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Route 112

North Woodstock, NH 03262

Hours: Open 24 hours a day

Price: Free

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