Bromley Mountain:
Peru, Vermont

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If you are planning on visiting Bromley, which I highly recommend, plan for a full day. Bromley Mountain has so many fun activities to keep everyone busy for hours on end.

Bromley Mountain summer activities can be divided into four parts: the Mountain Adventure Park, the Aerial Adventure Park, the Sun Mountain Flyer and the mini golf and disc golf course.

Our family’s favorite activities were the Aerial Adventure Park with five different levels of ropes elements and zip lines mounted in the trees. There were some original elements in their Aerial Adventure Park that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Time slots are given for joining the ropes course. Count for two and a half hours if you want to get through it all. If it gets too much, you can always leave early. I suggest planning the rest of the activities around the Ariel Adventure Park tickets because that is the only timed attraction.

Another all-time favorite is the Sun Mountain Flyer a half mile zipline with up to four parallel riders at a time. To get up the mountain to the zipline you need to ride the chairlift. There is a minimum weight of 75 lbs weight in order to ride the zipline. I really enjoyed the views on the way down. The zipline goes up to 50 MPH and takes less than a minute of flying.

The Mountain Adventure Park has lots of fun activities for all ages. The alpine slide is probably the most popular attraction. There are 3 tracks of slides 2/3 of a mile long with different levels of difficulty. Riders must be at least three years old to ride with an adult. The chairlift up to the top of the track offers magnificent scenic views. The chair lift can be enjoyed on its own. There is an option of riding it up and then down again.

There are so many other activities to enjoy at the Mountain Park including activities for the little ones including the Climbing Wall (My seven year old’s favorite), Trampoline Thing, 18 hole Mini Golf, Twin Spin, Space Bike, Bumper Boats, Giant Swing, Bounce House, Shoot and Shower Basketball and the Big Splash water slide. It is definitely worth a visit to experience all the fun activities at Bromley.


Posted: September 15, 2019

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3984 VT-11

Peru, VT 05152

Phone Number:

(802) 824-5522

Price and Hours:

For rates and hours check the website:

Approximate Distance from:   

Brooklyn Bridge: 4 hours

Lakewood: 4 hours, 42 minutes

Monsey: 3 hours, 15 minutes

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