Old Jewish Cemetery of Lublin:
Lublin, Poland

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Located on a hill and surrounded by a tall brick wall, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Lublin is the oldest cemetery in Poland still in existence.  There are about two hundred tombstones in varying conditions that survived the years. The oldest preserved tombstone in a Polish Jewish cemetery can be found here. It is the grave of Yaakov ben Yehuda ha-Levi Kopelman, who died in 1541. There is also a fascinating headstone that has a hole in the center from where a cannon ball flew through it, but it is still standing. There are some famous Rabbis buried in the cemetery. The Chozeh of Lublin, Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak HaLevi Horowitz is buried there.  A little higher up the hill the Maharshal, Rabbi Shlomo Luria is buried.

In order to get into the cemetery there is a charge of 10 PLN. Payments are to be made at the reception desk of the Ilan Hotel. They possess the key to the cemetery.


Posted: December 23, 2018

Information, prices and hours posted here are current as of the posted or updated date. It is advisable to call ahead or check online to confirm hours and prices. 


Kalinowszczyzna, 20-400

Lublin, Poland

Price: 10 PLN. Payment is made and keys are obtained at the Reception of the Ilan Hotel – 85 Lubartowska Street.

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