Painted Canyon-Ladder Hike:
Mecca, CA

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It is quite obvious how Painted Canyon got its name. The Canyon located in Mecca, CA looks as if a palate of paint colors in the red, gray, pink and brown families spilled on the hills.

The Ladder Canyon Hike is one of a kind, made for the real adventurous spirit. In order to get to this most extraordinary hiking path you need to follow Box Canyon Road until the turn off to Painted Canyon Road. The 5 mile bumpy road leads to the parking lot to the Ladder Canyon with magnificent views all along. Once at the parking lot, follow the wide path on the right of the parking lot. About a ¼ of a mile into the hike (about 10 minutes) there is an arrow made of a pile of rocks pointing to the left. This arrow leads to Slot Canyon. The path is narrow and mostly blocked by bunch of rocks blocks that have fallen from rockslides. The right side of the rocks leads to the slot canyon and the first of the ladders.

The Ladder Canyon Hike is approximately 5 miles long and takes about 3-4 hours to complete.  I did not manage to complete the hike since I was under time constraints, but the parts that I did see were breathtaking and lent to fun adventures. It is important to wear good sturdy shoes and to have lots of drinking water. It is not advisable to take much more since there are times you need to squeeze through narrow spaces.

After climbing the ladders, you reach the top of the canyon, where there is a loop path along the side of the painted Canyon. Once you complete the circle, there are ladders to help you descend back to the lower canyon and to the parking area.

The Ladder Hike was an experience of a lifetime with views that are absolutely unparalleled in beauty.

Posted: November 9, 2017

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Painted Canyon Rd.

Mecca, CA92254

GPS Coordinate about: 33.618633, -115.999320




Approximate Distance from:   

Los Angeles: 2 hours, 30 minutes

San Diego:2 hours, 50 minutes

Average Time Spent at this Location: 3-4 hours

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