Safed Cemetery and the Ari Mikve:
Safed, Galil

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The ancient Cemetery of Safed, located at the base of the mountain on the outskirts of the city, attracts many people due the great Rabbis that were buried there.

Rabbi Isaac Luria, The ARI, is the most famous kabbalist and rabbi buried in the cemetery. There is a platform built around the grave for easier access. Near that grave is the grave of his son Rabbi Moshe Luria. There is a tree growing out of his grave. Visitors tend to hang plastic bags with petitions asking R Moshe to intercede on their behalf.

Rabbi Moshe Alshich is another well-known Rabbi buried in the cemetery. R’ Shlomo Alkevatz was a famous kabbalist and Rabbi. He composed the Lecha Dodi song, sung on Friday nights by Jews all over the world is buried there too. Rabbi Yosef Caro author of the famous Shulchan Aruch is also buried in the Safed Cemetery.

In addition to the many great Rabbis buried in the cemetery there were many, many other Jews buried there. Jews that lived in the area thousands of years ago were said to have been buried there as well.

On the way down to the Old Cemetary is the ARI Mikve, the Mikve the ARI used.  The Mikve is supposed have very holy powers. Over the years a building has been added to protect the site. The water comes from a spring and is not heated. It can get very cold in the winter. Men come from all over to submerge in the holy waters.

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Posted: September 18, 2017

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