Warsaw Ghetto Wall:
Warsaw, Poland

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The Wasaw Ghetto is unfortunately closely associated with the city. The Germans built an 11 mile brick wall around the Jewish Quarter of Warsaw during WWII. It was sealed in 1943. No one was allowed to enter or exit. The wall was taken down in 1943 when the Ghetto was liquidated. There is a very small piece of the wall still standing today. We did not get to see the actual wall. What we did see is the metal marker inserted in the ground that marks where the wall once stood. When we left the Polin Museum we were directed on a few minutes’ walk to a park. It was sad to see how on a random sidewalk the marker of the Ghetto Wall crossed it.

Wall Remnant: 62 Zlota Street and 55 Sienna Street – access to both sections possible from 62 Złota Street entrance. Note: the site is on private property, so please do not make noise and do not come late at night.

Markers are on random streets in Warsaw. Ask around where the closest place is.


Posted: January 7, 2018

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