Yehudiya and Zavitan:
Route 87, Golan Heights

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Yehudiya is the largest nature reserve in the Golan Heights.  There are six streams in the reserve through which water flows year-round: Qazrin, Zavitan, Yehudiya, Batra and Daliyot.  They receive their water from dozens of small springs which flow​across the plain in a network of shallow tributaries.  There are also beautiful waterfalls in different area of the Reserve. The two most popular hikes to be done in the Yehudiya reserve is the Yehudiyah hike and the Zevitan hike.

The Yehudiyah hike affords a breathtaking views of the magnificent area, along the canyon bed and the trail. The trail passes the abandoned Syrian village of Yehudiya which is built on the remnants of an ancient Jewish village. The path leads to the Yehud​iya Waterfall passing through canyons. At one point the path leads to an iron ladder nine meters high affixed to the canyon wall which leads to a deep pool that can only be crossed by swimming. After that the path leads back to the parking lot. This route is loads of fun and is for experienced hikers and swimmers. If you take this route you must count on getting soaking wet.  (At the store near the parking lot they sell bags for belongings that could get damaged in the water.)

The Zavitan hike is more child friendly than the Yehudiya hike but does not compromise on the beauty.  Although at one point there is also an iron ladder that takes you down to the Zavitan waterfall, the hike can be enjoyed even without climbing down as there are many other beautiful sites throughout the route.

The hike through Nachal Zevitan, passes two fresh water pools and a waterfall. A whole area of hexagon stones line one section of the Nachal. The path leads into a natural pool, which is very refreshing. The water in the Nachal is fed by Mt. Hermon’s melted snow and is very cold. In the heat of the summer it is revitalizing. Before heading back to the parking lot, it is worth taking a short detour and climbing down to the Zavitan Falls. Down by the falls there are pools to swim in and a beautiful close up view of the Zavitan Falls. Once you climb back up, the trail back to the parking lot leads past a deserted Arab village called Sheikh Hussein. We did this hike and I can attest to the unbelievable beauty!

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Posted: September 10, 2017

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7 km east of Yehudiya Junction on Road 87 (Yehudiya – Hushaniya) towards Katsrin.

Approx. 5 km south of Katsrin.

Phone Number:



Check online for the current hours


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Approximate Distance from:   

Meron: 40 minutes

Safed: 40 minutes

Tiberias: 35 minutes


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