Kazimierz-Krakow’s Historic Jewish Area:
Krakow, Poland

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I find The Kazimierz, the Jewish Historical area of Krakow, intriguing. Since Krakow was not destroyed during World War II, there are a few Synagogues that still remain in the Kazimierz.

Located right in the Jewish Square The Rema Shul and Cemetery was built in 1553 adjacent to the cemetery. The synagogue housed the yeshiva led by the Rema, Rabbi Moshe Isserles. The building is intact and people like to pray in the spot that the holy Rema prayed. During WWII, the Jews were forced into the Krakow Ghetto and the Synagogue was used by the Nazis as a weapons warehouse. In 1948 the Synagogue was reopened and is still in use today.

The Jewish cemetery right in the courtyard of the Rema Synagogue has many holy Rabbis buried there such as the Rema, Reb Nosson Nuta Spira- The Megale Amukos, The Tosfos Yom Tov and many others.

Built in 1556 (and renovated in between) The Old Synagogue, the oldest Synagogue currently in Poland houses the Museum of History and Culture of the Jews in Krakow. It is spread throughout the rooms of the Synagogue.

The Izaak Synagogue, The Kupah Synagogue, and the The High Synagogue all within close walking distance of each other in the Kazimierz. Each of the Synagogues have a unique history and most have museum displays and charge an entrance fee. The Wolf Popper Synagogue is used today as a Jewish Culture center.


Posted: December 23, 2019

Information, prices and hours posted here are current as of the posted or updated date. It is advisable to call ahead or check online to confirm hours and prices.

Remah Shul Address:

Szeroka 40, 31-053

Kraków, Poland

Phone Number:

+48 12 429 57 35


Sunday-Thursday: 10:00-16:00.




Old Synagogue Address:

ul. Szeroka 24, 31-053

Kraków, Poland

Telephone Number:

+48 12 422 09 62


Normal ticket: PLN 14

Concession ticket: PLN 10

Family ticket: 28 PLN

Group ticket: PLN 10

Reduced group ticket: PLN 9

Guide service: 110 PLN

Tickets can be purchased at the branch’s ticket office or at the Visitor Service Center, the Cloth Hall, Rynek Główny 1.

Free admissions on Mondays


Winter season (November – March)
Monday 10.00-14.00
Tuesday – Sunday 9.00-16.00

Summer season (April – October)
Monday 10.00-14.00
Tuesday – Sunday 9.00-17.00



Izaak Synagogue Address:

Kupa 18, 31-057

Kraków, Poland

Kupah Synagogue Address:

Miodowa 27, 31-055

Kraków, Poland

The High Synagogue Address:

Józefa 38, 33-332

Kraków, Poland

The Wolf Popper Synagogue Address:

Szeroka 16, 33-332

Kraków, Poland

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