Site of Plaszow Concentration Camp and Sara Schenirer’s Grave:

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It was nighttime when we went to the site of the Plaszow Concentration Camp, but we didn’t miss out on much since the German’s destroyed the evidence before the camp was liberated. When the Soviets arrived to the camp in January of 1945 they found an empty field.

When we arrived at the camp we saw the signs at the entrance with information about the camp. We also saw the house of the ruthless murderer and commander of the camp Amon Göth. The camp was built on the site of two Jewish Cemeteries. The Germans destroyed all the grave stones aside for one.

We did not get to see the various monuments on site but we went did get to pray at the grave of Sara Schenirer, founder if the Bais Yaakov Schools, religious schools for Jewish girls.


Posted: December 18, 2019

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