Pirate Ship Playground:
Vail, CO

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We ascended the Eagle Bahn Gondola in Vail and walked the thirty minutes across to Gondola One to descend the mountain right into Vail Village. As we were leaving, we couldn’t help but stop by the enticing Pirate Ship Playground right there at the bottom.

Vail is well known for its amazing playgrounds. The Pirate Ship Playground is especially popular for the large wooden pirate ship where children climb, run on and slide down. The children can climb from one end to the next and even on two levels of balconies up by the pole. The Pirate Ship playground is imagination heaven. There are so many pretend possibilities on such a pirate ship! There are also a few additional activities such as baby swings and a large dragon and a small wooden rowboat to play on.

There are picnic tables and benches at the park and there is a babbling brook running along the back of the park.

Posted: November 18, 2020

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