Thunderbrook Falls:
Killington, VT

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The path to Thundering Brook Falls starts out as a wooden boardwalk, then continues as a handicapped/stroller accessible walkway to a lookout porch at the bottom part of the falls. The entire 125 foot waterfall is not visible from the bottom lookout, although it is definitely beautiful, and the upper parts of the falls has a beauty of its own.

When we went, we hiked up the path alongside the falls. It was a short hike and we stopped midway near the falls to eat lunch. We saw a dam at the upper part of the falls and a magnificent pool at the top. Thundering Brook trail is part of the Appalachian Trail.

At the top of the falls, we exited to a paved road, then reentered the woods a minute down the road, and took the path with white markings down to the boardwalk. The path down took us only eight minutes. It was an easier and smoother path than the one we took up.

Posted: September 15, 2017

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2295 River Road

Killington, VT 05751

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